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    The Quality Management System of the Special Steel Company complies with ISO 9001-2000. Special Steel Company has established and documented its Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2000 requirements. It determines the method and criteria for assuring the control and effective working of the processes by relevant procedures. The organization is committed to implement, maintain and continually improve this Quality Management System. 

   This Quality Management System is established to maintain the appropriate quality for all products and / or services delivered by the organization. When a contract is negotiated and / or awarded, the adequacy of this Quality Management System shall be verified against the contractual requirements. Accordingly a project specific quality plan shall be developed, as and when required by the project. 

The Quality Management System documentation includes the following: - 

  • Quality Manual 

  • Quality System Procedures

  •  Documented statements of Quality Policy and Quality Objectives 

Quality Manual 

    This QUALITY MANUAL defines the primary responsibility of the function and gives the direction for meeting the requirements of ISO-9001:2000 QMS. It also details the Quality Policy, the Organizational Chart, and Responsibilities and defines the intentions and the direction of management to achieve quality. 

    The Quality Manual does not include the requirements specific to other management systems such as those particular to Occupational Health and Safety Management for which a separate HSE Management System exists under the control of parent company.

Quality Assurance Procedure 

    Each Quality Assurance Procedure is derived QA Procedures for corresponding element of ISO-9001:2000 QMS standard. The Quality Assurance Procedure also describes the methods & systems to be followed in the functional areas. 

Project Specific Procedures 

    Project Specific Procedures shall be established as per the contract requirement as and when required, in line with guidelines of Quality Manual and it?s related procedure to suit the project conditions. 

    This also includes procedures which are required in order to show the relevance with ISO 9001-2000 clauses, as identified by the organization. 

Quality Policy 

Special Steel Company is committed to; - 

  • Deliver products which are meeting or exceed Customer requirements and Standards and achieve Customer Satisfaction as much as possible. 

  • Promote awareness of Quality and Health, Safety and Environment throughout the organization 

  • Become a pioneer in the field of design & fabrication of steel. 

Quality Objective 

  • Timely completion of all our projects. 

  • Make all employees competent by quality training and programmes to improve quality of the product.